• Learn To Wakesurf
    Learn to wakesurf
  • What Are The Best Wakeboard Ropes and Handles
    For wakeboard ropes and wakeboard handles there is a great deal of choice in the different wakeboard brands out there. Instead we are going to focus on the wakeboarding specifics for that apply to all ropes, handles and boats. Wakeboard Handles Wakeboard Handles For Men Men usually require a wakeboard handle measuring 15 inches wide
  • How Many People (or Riders) to Put on a Wakeboard Boat Now?
    Every wakeboard boat has a magic number of wakeboard riders that makes everything operate well and helps the wakeboard sets run smoothly. Too few people means that wakeboard riders will get tired too quickly because they do not have long breaks to recover. There is often a lot of stalling while they recover from their
  • What Should You Bring When Wakeboarding Now?
    What Items Should You Bring on a Wakeboard Boat? Wakeboard riders should remember to bring: Drinks – non sugary ,non alcoholic drinks are best Sunscreen – choose an SPF of 50 or higher to ensure you stay protected and a waterproof variety Sun hat – to keep the rays off your face Towels – will
  • Our Wakeboard Boat Rules To Keep You Safe
    There are some boat rules that you should be aware of before coming aboard any of our boats and with any of our drivers. We have instituted a number of boat rules that keep passengers and wakeboard riders safe during a visit to one of our lake or on board one of out boats/ General
  • Things We DO NOT Tow Behind Our Boats
    We just love wakeboarding, but there some things we do not tow behind out boats: We specialize in wakeboarding and we love to teach people the sport. This includes how to get up, ride, jump and develop their skills in this amazing sport. Water sports is a constantly developing arena and there are many other
  • Learn How To Wakeboard
    Is Wakeboarding Hard To Learn? Absolutely Not! Learn How To Wakeboard Today! Learning how to wakeboard is fun and easy as long as as the pupil has a good mindset and is active and healthy. Having any skateboarding or snowboarding experience is helpful, but not essential. Also having a good boat, decent equipment, flat water
  • Best Kinds Of Boats To Learn To Wakeboard On
    While there are many boats out there, there are only a few types that make good choices as a learn-to-wakeboard boat The Ski and Wakeboard Boat There is nothing like a ski and wakeboard boat to deliver power and safety in one package. The purpose built design delivers on so many levels. For safety, the