For wakeboard ropes and wakeboard handles there is a great deal of choice in the different wakeboard brands out there. Instead we are going to focus on the wakeboarding specifics for that apply to all ropes, handles and boats.

Wakeboard Handles

Wakeboard Handles For Men

Men usually require a wakeboard handle measuring 15 inches wide and a 1.15 diameter.

Wakeboard Handles 1.15″ or 1.25″ Diameter?

Men with monster-sized hands can also get a wakeboard handle that is 1.25 in diameter. This size is usually for riders over 6′ 5″ tall.

Wakeboard Handles For Women

Smaller hands require smaller dimensions on wakeboard handles. A wakeboard handle that measure 13 inches wide with a 1.15 diameter being good for women. That size is more balanced to their smaller frame and shoulder width. They will also benefit from the saving in weight especially in jumps.

Wakeboard Ropes

The optimal Wakeboard rope length is determined by three factors. The proficiency of the rider, the boat speed and the boat weight. Ropes with multiple take-off lengths are perfect as they can be adjusted. Many manufacturers are still making their ropes far too long for weekend warriors and too short for the pro riders.

The Factor of Speed on Wakeboard Rope Length

Both men and women can ride with similar length ropes, but the first key is the speed of the boat. The faster the boat, then the longer the rope needs to be to make wake-to-wake jumps. Weekend warriors do not like to ride above 18mph because they have day jobs and the need to be able to avoid injury. A common speed for riders on a 20 foot boat is between 16-18 mph.

The Factor of Boat Weight on Wakeboard Rope Length

If the boat is huge, then the wake is also going to be huge, meaning that the rope length can be shorter. This also true again when additional surf enhancing devices are used like bags or even the wakeboard tower.