Wakeboarding and wake surfing prices include the boat and driver/instructor. Boats accommodate 1 driver and up to 15 passengers, all for one set price. Minimum rental is 2 hours. Non-riders are allowed on the boat if there is space. Driver gratuities are not included.

Wakeboarding Prices:

$150 Per Hour + Tip

Wakeboarding Prices include the boat, driver, tuition, all equipment and gas. A minimum of two hours is required.

We do not charge by per person. Our wakeboarding and wake surfing prices are charged by the boat, by the hour – regardless of how many people you bring in the boat

How Much Boat Time Should You Reserve?

One Hour Per Rider is About Right

Please book the boat on the assumption that each person in the group will need at least 45 mins to one hour of boat time. Usually riders do not take this time all one set, as they will have more than one set with a break in between to recover.

Do Beginners Need More or Less Time Than Pro’s?

Its weird, but the amount of riding time that beginners use is the same for the professionals. Beginners need more instruction and help. Pros will generally be fitter and do more riding, but it all comes out be about one hour per rider no matter what the type of rider they are.

Two people will need two hours of boat time.
Three people will need three hours.
Four people could work with three 1/2 hours.
Five people could work with four hours.
You can do the math for more people.

Booking the Boat for Less Than 45 Minutes Per Rider

Please do not attempt to book the boat for anything less than 45 mins per person, as this will ruin the whole experience for everyone and makes it a logistical mess. Rushing the sets and pulling people out of the water after a couple of minutes of riding is not conducive to a successful wakeboard outing.

Turning Up With More Riders Than Were Booked

Our boat drivers may also refuse to take people aboard if more than the reserved number of people turn up without prior approval and appropriate booking. We have been doing this for a very long time, so please accept our knowledge and experience on this matter of how much time you need. Do not try to jam in more people in less time, as it will be a disaster – we should know as we are the experts.

Bringing Non-Riders Is Fine

Any non-riders who come on the boat just to watch, do not need to be added to the above hourly equation, but do not expect to make the total numbers large as COVID-19 protocols still need to be adopted until the pandemic is over. All non-riders should be part of the booking numbers, so the appropriate boat size is provided.

kids jumping off wakeboard boat Wakeboarding Prices

There is nothing better than going for a quick swim off the boat following a fun wakeboard session, so it is important to give allow enough time for this at the end of the session.

Wakeboarding Prices: Cancellation Policy

We request at least 48 hours notice on a wakeboard cancellation. If any group is a total no-show, then we will not be too happy about it.


We do not require a deposit on wakeboarding. Please do not let us regret this honor system. No-shows will receive a lifetime ban from all lakes, which will only be lifted after proven reincarnation.


For our wakeboarding prices, cash is preferred, but we also accept Venmo, Paypal and major Credit Cards. Bitcoin is not accepted as are live chickens and ducats.

Wakeboard boat cameraman

Additional Services: Video Services

People on the boat are encouraged to take pictures and video, but there is nothing like having a dedicated video record of the day out on the boat. Professional video services are available for a nominal fee. This is for riders who want a record of their progress and to capture the day. The cost includes all riding and training footage. This can help wakeboarders develop their own skills after the wakeboard session is long over. All the HD video footage is provided via dropbox the day after the session is over. All riders retain rights to their own footage.

Videographer Cost: Additional $50 per hour

The videographer will use up the jump seat on the wakeboard boat to take the best shots. Each wakeboard boat usually holds eight people including the driver. If the videographer is aboard, it will mean large groups may be reduced by one seat.

Minimum Ages For Wakeboarding Lesson

All riders must be over 10 years old and must wear a life jacket at all times on the boat. Each minor below 14 years old must be accompanied by one adult. All persons under 18 years old must wear a wakeboard helmet, which can be provided.

Our Operating Season: May – December

We operate our boats on most of the lakes listed from May through December. After Labor day we only offer wakeboarding on weekends and some Fridays. At the start and end of the season it can be quite cold. The air can be be warm and the water can be cold in the Spring. The opposite is true in the Fall. We can provide wet suits to keep riders warm. There is a limited supply, so riders should try to bring their own.

Wakeboard Boat Driver Gratuity – In Addition to the Wakeboarding Boat Rental Price

We request that our customers tip the driver 20% for good service. If the service is less than stellar, we want to hear about it. If service is better than anticipated, then you are encouraged to reward the driver to show your appreciation.