We Operate the Following V-Drive and Inboard Engine Wakeboard and Ski Boats:

  • Our Mastercraft Boats:
    – x55
    – x23
    – xt22
    – x2
  • Our Ski Nautique Boats:
    – 200 Closed Bow
    – Super Air Nautique G21
    – G23 Paragon
  • Our Malibu Boats
    – Sunsetter LVX
    – Response LX 20
    – Wakesetter LSV

Our boat sizes range from 20′ to 24′. All Wakeboard boats include a wakeboard tower. All ski boats have a center ski pole.

Our Wakeboard Boat Drivers Are:

  • Licensed USCG Captains
  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED-BL certified

All Our Wakeboard Boats Include:

  • Wakeboard Instructor
  • Life vests available in all sizes
  • Plenty of cold drinking water on board
  • Sun cover
  • Boat speed maintaining devices. Paddle wheel and GPS type systems including Hydrophase Ridesteady, Steadypass, Perfect Pass, Zero Off and Stargazer
Mallibu Wakeboard Boat

Wakeboard and Ski Equipment Includes:

  • Hyperlite, Liquid Force and CWB Wakeboards in all sizes and for both men and women
  • Water Skis / Slalom Skis for those that must ski – but not a lot of ski choices
  • A variety of wakeboard ropes and handles, featuring soft EVA foam handle grips and various lengths from 50 feet to 85 feet
  • Wakeboard helmets (with ear flaps to protect your ears)
  • Wakeboard gloves for when it gets colder
  • Wet suits and dry suits (subject to availability)

At each of the lakes there are access to bathrooms on shore, but these may differ by location.

Water Sports Services That We Do NOT Offer

Clearly wakeboarding is the focus of our drivers. The boats are setup for it and the drivers know how to teach it. Although some of our boats do also offer wake surfing and water skiing, these are not the specialties of our drivers and they prefer to only offer wake boarding services and instruction. Our drivers also do not provide services to just tow around tubes for families as this does not develop any skills for the rider and is not rewarding. Other services that we do not offer are any other kind of towables including Air Chair and trick water skis. Parasailing (which also known as parascending or para-kiting) is also not offered at any of our lakes. We do not offer pleasure boat trips around the lake.