There are some boat rules that you should be aware of before coming aboard any of our boats and with any of our drivers.

We have instituted a number of boat rules that keep passengers and wakeboard riders safe during a visit to one of our lake or on board one of out boats/

General Boat Rules

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled boat time
  • The boat driver is the captain and his/her decision is final on boat safety and conduct
  • Smoking, no vaping and 420 of any kind is not allowed
  • No shoes in the boat please
  • No horsing around and no roughhousing
  • Animals or pets are not allowed on any of the wakeboard boats
  • No ghetto blasters or boomboxes allowed on boats

Food and Drink

  • No food and no eating on the boat
  • No Alcohol
  • Cold bottled drinking water is supplied on the boat. Room temperature and warm water is also available.


  • You are welcome to bring your own wakeboard equipment or use ours
  • We have a large range of wakeboards and wakeboard ropes

Boat Rules Safety Matters

  • By NJ law, everyone on the boat must wear a life jacket
  • During COVID-19 all persons on the boat must wear a face mask. The wakeboard rider does not need to wear a face mask while they are riding behind the boat
  • All wakeboard participants must wear a helmet
  • No climbing on. or jumping/diving off, the wakeboard tower
  • Diving or jumping out of the boat into the water is not allowed while the boat is underway. With the Captains approval, riders may do so while the boat is not be underway
  • Leaning out the front (or bow) of the boat ‘Titanic’ style while the boat is underway is not allowed. It is dangerous and stupid and far too many accidents happen this way every year on other lakes. We do not want any of our guests injured and we aim to maintain our 100% accident free status. Our boat rules are designed to keep people safe.


  • Our boat rules state that all participants must sign a liability and release waiver form which can be filled out in advance to reduce the wait at the dock, or can be filled out on the day
  • All persons must inform the boat driver of any medical conditions that he should be aware of that may affect your ability to be on a boat or ride a wakeboard