We just love wakeboarding, but there some things we do not tow behind out boats:

We specialize in wakeboarding and we love to teach people the sport. This includes how to get up, ride, jump and develop their skills in this amazing sport. Water sports is a constantly developing arena and there are many other things you can do behind a boat. There are a few sports that we do not teach behind our boats. These sports include:

towing tubes behind boat


Our drivers do not like driving tubers behind their boats. They prefer to actually teach students something valuable and wakeboarding is our chosen specialty sport. Tubers just want be pulled around the lake as fast as they can until they are thrown off at the corners. This often results in some kind of injury. Kids especially love tubes and tubing as they do not have to do anything other than just hang on. This is not much of a skill at all. We prefer to teach people a genuine skill that they will remember for years to come. It is for that reason that we do not offer tubing. At speed, water is very hard, please be careful out there people.

Water Skating Flip Trick


Wake skates are a lot of fun. When the rider falls off on the wake skate can go flying. It can hit all manner of things and people, including the rider. We do not offer wake skating.

Wake Foil Behind Boat

Wake Foils

NJ lakes hate wake foils them. This because they are huge chunks of metal that can injure anyone that comes into close contact with them

Air Chair / Sky Chair Behind Speed Boat

Air Chairs and Sky Chairs

If water sports enthusiasts are bored with life, then Air Chairs are a great way to go. These huge hunks of metal are perfect for those people tired of standing up and now prefer to sit down. This is also an ideal way to break their neck. Sorry, cannot be party to that kind of suicide, but good luck in the emergency room.

Man Wake Surfing Behind Speed Boat

Wake Surfing

You are gonna need a bigger boat for this sport. The size of the wake needed for this cool sport just annoys other boaters and lake front homeowners. When a wake surf boat passes by, it just makes everyone irate with the amount of wake it causes. The damage it does to the lake and the lake walls and docks is also shocking. Any lake that allows wake surfing usually does not care about its condition. That lake will probably be a free-for-all with jet skiers too This is why we do not tow wake surfers behind our boats.

Water Skis

There is nothing wrong with water skis and water skiing. Our drivers do not know enough about this water sport to provide any instruction. This sport that finds itself in the twilight of water sports and now it is often fighting for its life. With numerous other water sports that have evolved from the OG of all water sports, it has a lot of competition.

Backwards Barefoot Water Skier

Barefoot Water Skiers

Water skiers who are bored with having legs love to try barefoot water skiing. They need perfectly flat water otherwise they will either break their ankles or the boat driver’s nerve. We do not tow barefoot skiers behind our boats.

Zup board in action

Zup Boards

Zup boards are billed as a versatile and a fun board that is easy to learn and can be used for all kinds of tricks behind the boat. The reality is that the ZUP board is a bit of a dead end for anyone who wants to learn something valuable as these boards are more like toys than they are real water sports equipment. It takes about 10 seconds to learn how to use them and then the student will get quickly bored, as the board is very limiting in what it can do. After learning how to get up on them, riders cannot really perform any decent tricks on them, because they have been designed for the very lowest common denominator and ease of use.

Zup boards do not allow riders to graduate to a wakeboard or water skis very easily. Even the traditional water ski training device known as the ‘Skimmer’ has more value to it as it at least introduces a student to water skiing and they are able to learn the basics. We anticipate that Zup boards will be gone in a couple of years as the any real cool factor with them is lacking and water sports can be very fickle. Despite millions of dollars being spent on Zup marketing, expect to see them soon to be destined to yard sales for about $5.